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Halloween Safety

No other holiday delights kids as much as Halloween… an annual flight of fantasy, horror and “the forbidden” -- all in one night. Let them indulge themselves – safely! Here are some measures you can take to ensure your little ones’ safety AND enjoyment!

When buying trick-or-treat costumes, make sure they are all labeled “flame retardant.”

Have your child carry a flashlight and wear costumes that are, preferably, brightly colored or trimmed with reflective tape.

Children will not trip and fall if costumes do not have trailing materials or tails that are too long.

If kids are carrying sharp, pointed objects such as swords and devils’ forks, make sure they are made of soft material

If your child will be wearing a mask, make sure the “eye holes” are large enough so he/she can see clearly enough.

When your children return home from trick-or-treating, check their bags thoroughly before allowing them to eat a single item.

When decorating your home for the holiday, make sure that:

a small flashlight is inserted into carved pumpkins instead of a candle

only flame-proof crepe paper is used

dried leaves and cornstalks are kept away from all flames and heat sources.

For Halloween safety, make sure your home is well lit and that the walkway to your door is clear of bicycles, toys, and lawn furniture that children can trip over in the dark.

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