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Safety Tips for Outdoor Grilling

Always keep LP-gas outside, at least three feet away from building openings such a doors, windows, dryer vents and air intake vents.

All LP-gas cylinders with a capacity between 4 and 40 lbs. must be equipped with an overfill protection device.

It is recommended by fire safety experts that LP-gas cylinders be placed at least ten feet away from the house, especially when in use.

Never store propane containers indoors during the off-season.

Always be certain that grill connections are tight and secure.

Never allow an LP-gas grill to be placed inside a building or even on a balcony above the first floor where people live. Since LP gas is heavier than air and actually sinks, a leaky grill could pose a hazard to inhabitants below.

Keep LP-gas grills away from potential ignition sources, such as smoking materials, air conditioners, compressors, pilot lights and cars.

Shield your hand from heat and burns when roasting hot dogs and marshmallows on a stick. Just cut a hole in the center of an old pie tin and slip the stick through.

For other work near the grill, a canvas glove soaked in water also helps protect hands. (Note: Never touch extremely hot surfaces when wearing wet gloves.)

Keep children supervised when using grills and outdoor fireplaces.

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