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Using Candles Safely

The allure of a room full of lit candles is so great it can be easy to ignore safety guidelines. Yet, the dangers of fire are very real. Candle fires have become one of the leading causes of fire deaths in the home, so practice candle safety first!

Never burn a candle that is too low in a votive. Better to throw it out and buy another.

Never leave a candle burning unattended in a room or leave your home with a candle burning. Always be sure to extinguish all candles before going to sleep at night.

Watch where you place your candles. If there is even a remote chance of paper or fabric igniting (a curtain blowing in the breeze, decorations, items on a table or bureau), find another spot for the candle(s). A good rule of thumb to follow is the “one-foot circle of safety, “an area completely free of anything flammable that could come in contact with the candle’s flame.

Always use a sturdy metal, glass or ceramic container for your candle(s).

Never place a candle under any type of overhang, such as a shelf, drape or cornice.

Keep candles out of reach of children and pets. Children are curious and tend to try to touch the flame; pets can accidentally knock candles over.

Store lighters and matches away from reach and out of sight of children.

Make sure everyone in the family is aware of the rules for safe candle use.

When carving pumpkins for Halloween, use a “fake” candle to light it.

Closely supervise the use of candles outdoors or on a deck. They can be tipped over easily by the wind or human error.

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