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General Fire Prevention Tips

In addition to many of the safety tips offered on this web page, it is imperative that you check around your home to make sure it is as fire-safe as possible. Remember, many home fires are easily preventable. All it takes is awareness and care.

Never overload electrical outlets. Do not plug too many appliances into one outlet, overload an extension cord or plug more than one extension cord into an outlet. A word about power strips: Be careful! While they permit multiple items to be plugged into them, make sure only one at a time is turned on!

Use light bulbs with the correct wattage for the fixture.

Replace all frayed, cracked or broken electrical cords.

Keep all household cleaning products and aerosol cans away from heat. Never burn their containers or discard them with trash that will be burned.

When using a fireplace, always close the screen or heat-tempered glass door to prevent sparks from escaping and igniting carpeting, furniture, draperies or other items nearby.

Do not run cords or wires under rugs and carpets or near a heat source where they can overheat. Donít run them across doorways where they can become worn.

Clean wood stoves and fireplace chimneys before each heating season.

Unplug electric blankets when not in use. Never fold or roll them.

Change furnace filters frequently.

Do not store trash or anything else that could catch fire near the furnace.

Check your main electrical panel periodically for proper wiring and fuses.

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