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Designers’ Corner
Home Plan Designs believes that there is a “designer” in all of us. We also have a philosophy that the best possible home design results from a “marriage” of both interior and exterior expertise. When architecture and interior design are considered singly, rather than separately, the “finished product” is a masterpiece in cohesiveness and harmony. We researched the pro’s in order to bring you the kind of information you need to help make the most of your home.

We hope you enjoy the topics and find them informative and useful! This section will change from time to time, so please come back often!

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Home Safety

Safety in the home is becoming a bigger and bigger issue these days. With the introduction of more hi-tech electrical appliances, gadgets, audio/visual equipment and home security systems, it is easy to disregard basic safety practices and assume that everything is being done for us.

At Home Plan Designs, we want to help you and your loved ones be safe in your home at all times. What follows are tips and advice on common pitfalls and occurrences that can impede home safety and even cause accidents. Some of the information shared here might seem to be a matter of common sense. But the fact is, many accidents happen in the home, simply because people aren’t paying attention. Or, as in the case of fire, plans for escape haven’t been discussed and implemented. You’ll find that home safety is simply a matter of awareness and planning ahead in case of emergencies.

Basis… elegance… comfort. These all add to the enjoyment a beautiful home. But even the most luxurious surroundings are useless if a home’s inhabitants fail to exercise good safety practices on a daily basis.