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One Day Redecorating

Anne Currier Furey

You’re tired of a room, confused as to how
to incorporate newly inherited furniture,
or moving into a new home. Maybe you
simply long for a fresh look for a house or
apartment you’ve been in for ages, but do
not know where to begin...

Home Plan Designs introduces Anne
Currier Furey, owner of PlaceLift, One Day
Redecorating, since 2002. Anne’s “one-
day-redecorating” approach to interior
design incorporates as much of her clients’ belongings as possible into the new plan. PlaceLift clients appreciate this unique feature, since many have favorite objects, furnishings, artwork or collections they treasure and feel contribute to their homes’ unique personalities. Since Anne’s design services are as practical as they are visually rewarding, PlaceLift is constantly in demand. Many PlaceLift clients would readily describe themselves as someone who, previously, “would never have thought of hiring a decorator.”

Anne’s brochure describes her services as “fast, fun and affordable.” Often, all that is involved is careful rearranging and selective editing; strategic placement of a pair of chairs, reframing artwork to create a grouping and a strong focal point, or creating a more open space for better traffic flow. Sometimes, all it takes is artful editing of possessions to lift the mood of a room or to develop an interior environment that more fully expresses the personality of the owner,” she explains.A Personal, Partnership ApproachWhile many one-day redecorators shoo their clients away during the decorating process, Anne Furey thinks differently. She believes in having her clients as involved in the process as possible -- from beginning to end. She takes the time she needs to get

A Personal, Partnership Approach
While many one-day redecorators show their clients away during the decorating process, Anne Furey thinks differently. She believes in having her clients as involved in the process as possible -- from beginning to end. She takes the time she needs to get to know her customers, talking with them at length in order to discover their likes and dislikes, their lifestyles, preferences as to how they would like a room or space to function, what their favorite colors are, what their favorite furnishings and accent pieces are -- and what they are willing to eliminate or add. Armed with this essential knowledge, Anne then acts as a “visual editor,” lending a fresh eye, an open mind and attentiveness to her clients’ needs and wishes. What’s more, she avoids imposing her own tastes or fads on a client’s ideas about their surroundings. This is what makes working with Anne a fun, informative, even educational -- experience, rather than a lengthy, complex, intimidating one.

A Comprehensive Design Plan
“One Day Redecorating is not always a matter of moving furniture around. Sometimes, my clients’ tastes have changed dramatically, or the function of the room has altered, or they seek a totally new look,” says Anne. Throughout her initial consultation, which often last six hours or longer, she listens carefully to the home owner’s decor goals and, at the end, provides the client with a written, floor-to-ceiling design plan. With plan and a priority list in hand, the client can then proceed as time and budget allow -- with PlaceLift assisting as much -- or as little -- as the client wishes. “For example,” Anne affirms, “we can help you shop for the new pieces you might need -- or you can shop on your own, if you prefer. We arm you with lots of ideas on where to shop and who to call for help if you want to venture out on your own. It can truly be a do-it-yourself project, after we leave... or, we’ll be there every step of the way... it’s your choice!” This added flexibility makes the design process even easier and more practical than ever for people with busy lives and/or limited budgets.

Savvy Solutions for Today
What makes PlaceLift such a unique, valuable service is Anne Furey’s knack for being able to identify a problem and offer a solution on the spot. A common problem she encounters is a room that lacks balance. Anne recalls one client who had a room with everything arranged around television viewing and no comfortable seating area where people could just sit and talk. She helped them realize that entertainment need not be confined to television watching, only, and created a more intimate, functional environment that allowed family and friends to do either one -- or both -- comfortably. “Being able to offer quick solutions is rewarding to me,” she confirms. “I enjoy seeing the pleasure on my clients’ faces and derive satisfaction from helping them avoid costly mistakes.” Combined with Anne’s “use-what-you-have”
philosophy, this is definitely a value-added service, especially in today’s economy.

Creative Beginnings to Creative Career
Anne Currier Furey grew up in a creative household and knew at a young age that she had visual talents. Her father was a photographer for the Associated Press and her siblings were constantly involved in theater, music, painting and other artistic activities. Anne would often redecorate rooms at whim -- even college dorm rooms -- where she pinned elaborate fabrics to plain, white drapes and carted in rugs and accessories, to the delight of all of her roommates!Before starting her interior design career, she worked in advertising, multi-media production and special events. She holds degrees in psychology, communication and education, including a Master’s in Educational Media and Technology. Her free lance work with traditional interior designers led to her studies with Lauri Ward, president and founder of Use-What-You-Have® Interiors in New York City and “pioneer of the one-day-redecorating concept.” Anne continues to update her knowledge through seminars and conventions sponsored by A.S.I.D., the Boston Design Center, and The Interior Refiners Network®, the largest organization of one-day redecorators in North America. Anne resides in Mansfield, Massachusetts, with her husband and two children. PlaceLift clients span the greater Boston and Providence areas. She also offers ReSale-Ready TM Service for brokers and homeowners, a redecorating service based on the same one-day philosophy, for those wanting to instantly broaden the appeal of
their listing property.

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