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Walk through it before you build it.

Home Plan Designs can help you avoid the "Oh no, I didn't know it was going to look like that!" problem. Blueprints can be hard to read and your project "vision" doesn't always match what you end up paying to have built. There's nothing more disappointing.

Don't settle for less than you deserve. Experienced in all phases of construction and skilled in architectural design, our residential designers work with you to realize your dream. Creating your plans in 3D identifies potential design and construction problems, saving your valuable time and money.

We will generate a floor plan and take you on an amazing virtual tour, where you can:

Furniture fits. Room Flows.
The cabinets look great.
You’re in control.
                            In an age of sophisticated
                            computer technology, I
                            believe no one should have
                            to struggle over paper
                            blueprints they cannot
                            read or understand, and
                            “hope” that their dream
house or project will magically fall into place.
So, armed with computed aided design (CAD)
software and a thorough knowledge of
construction and architectural design, I
founded Home Plan Designs.

As residential designer and founder of Home
  • Plan for and place your furniture and décor.

  • See the effect of light and shadow both inside and
out. How dark will the room be at 3 PM? Will my
lamps cast enough light? Will there be enough sun
in the front yard or will the addition create too
much shade?

  • Make intelligent design choices. Marble or ceramic?
Wallpaper or Paint? Oak or cherry?

Peter D. Bowden
About Home Plan Designs
Home Plan Designs
Phone: 508.496.7844

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Plan Designs, I’ve witnessed many a potential “surprise,” both
bad and good. The reward I enjoy is in saving folks thousands of
dollars and needless heartache when the results of a set of
blueprints are not what they expected—or wanted. And, of
course, it is fun to watch my clients’ faces light up when they see
their “visions” just as they had imagined—and often even better --
in full color and remarkable 3D!

Home Plan Designs will help you make the most important decisions before construction begins. In the
comfort of your own home, we'll help make your dream a reality. Contact us today for more information.

Peter D. Bowden
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